What we do

We provide solutions for customers facing the ever more demanding challenges of communicating technical information ...

         ... to the people that need it ...
         ... and in the format that most suits those users' needs!

Whether this is in the form of printed manuals, interactive electronic displays on desktops, on tablet devices or even direct to aircraft flight decks, Koala can provide you with the tools, the training and the support you need.

We work in many industry sectors - wherever where quality, productivity and document integrity are key.

Examples in the aviation sector include Aircraft Flight Manuals; company Operations Manuals; and Minimum Equipment Lists.

And we do all this from single sources of information, providing you with two substantial business benefits:

  1. Large cost savings,
    principally in the time of expensive Subject Matter Experts, due to elimination of duplicated effort.
  2. Great enhancements in quality, consistency and the reliability of the information being communicated -
    vital due to the safety critical nature of applications such as aerospace and aviation.


All our software products and services come with auditing
and traceability built in - mandatory in many of the highly
regulated industries we support.


Specialists in your industry

Single source publishing to multiple output types

Auditability and traceability built-in

Using latest industry standards and practices

Download our white paper on Aerospace and Aviation Information Management (pdf).