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The 'Konvert' service

We undertake conversion, migration and integration projects for requirements as diverse as CRM systems and structured technical documentation. And we don’t just provide the solution and leave you to it. It’s all fully documented and backed up with a full package of support to suit your needs.

Adhering to quality and industry standards is core to our business. We believe that improving the quality of our deliverable by careful attention to detail and adherence to documented procedures can save us and our customers time and money in the long term.


We are experts at data conversion, we can free your data from its current jail, be that an ancient database or archaic file format, and open it up to modern software and systems allowing you to:


Our staff will talk through your objectives with you, analyse the requirements, propose solutions, help you prepare a business case if necessary, plan and manage the implementation. And we can give you all the training and support you'll need.

Case Study

Our customer had all their contact details and customer information in an outdated, custom-built, CRM system. The database had been developed using Microsoft Access and they now wanted to migrate the information into a new ‘ACT!’ CRM system which used totally different data structures, based on Microsoft SQL Server. We were able to programmatically port the data from one system to the other and deliver it back to them for immediate use.

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We can help you maximise the potential of your legacy data and text-based information.

We’ll convert it into optimum new (standardised) formats, so you can be more productive. You’ll be able to:

You don’t have to take the DIY route – just let us take the strain. We’ll:

Problem solved!

Case Study

A medium sized airline was required to maintain, update and publish comprehensive training and operations manuals for each of their aircraft. This was proving onerous using conventional word processing techniques. We converted the whole document set to DITA XML structured format to enable speedier controlled publication in a range of formats, from paper to electronic media (for viewing on remote tablet devices and laptops). We also provided a content management system, training and a full support package.

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Want your existing drawings, diagrams, illustrations and cartoons brought up-to-date …

We can help. Technical drawings, charts, schematics and training material can all benefit from our experience.

Case Study

Here are a few before and after examples from a project we did for an on-line training course for the aviation industry.

(above) One of a series of medical illustrations, for a section on how the human ear is affected by altitude.

(above) Diagram analysing the psychology of human needs.

(above) Drawing used in a section on principles of component assembly.

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